We repair off-shore projects.

It's so easy to be seduced by the idea of outsourcing your web development project to cheap developers overseas. If you've tried the cheap off-shore outsource web design experience, but your website just doesn't work (and you don't want to start from scratch) we can review the project and help you correct any critical issues and help you plan a way forward.

Time and time again, we've had new clients come to us (once in tears!) with a poorly written, badly coded web project that was in desperate need of help. We've been able to recover and reuse what we can, re-build, lock down and secure the application, and get the project functioning as it was originally intended.

It's not easy, or fun work. But (unfortunately) it's necessary.

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Don't Use Off-Shore Web Developers

Why We Don't Use Off-Shore Developers.

We receive calls and emails every week from off-shore development companies offering web design and development services for as low as $20 an hour. The huge profit margin does initially seem tempting, but we pass on the "great opportunity" every time. Here's why...

Quality Control.

We need to be able to guarantee quality for our clients. Our experience is that the quality of the code delivered by off-shore channels is often severly lacking. Commonly these companies deliver applications which use large blocks of procedural code and no centralisation of reusable components. We specialise in redesigning and rewriting web applications which have been outsourced to developers overseas where the delivered applications are unreliable, unmanagable, not secure and/or full of bugs. Our developers are passionate, highly skilled professionals with formal education and industry experience who have been continually trained. They are more than qualified to do the task at hand, so why would we trust someone else with our reputation and our client's deliverables? We just don't.

Keep life simple.

By using our own trusted in-house resources and knowing that our products are built the right way, we don't have to worry about incurring ongoing technical issues. Using outsourced resources increases security and privacy concerns while introducing potential technical problems that will require extra work to fix. There are extreme cultural differences that result in a huge gap between how other cultures work and how you might expect them to work. Communication problems, misunderstandings, and rework is the norm, not the exception. Sure, there might be some good off-shore developers out there... but we only ever hear about the bad ones. Having developers in house makes it quick and easy to make changes, or speed up a project. Also, having late night conference calls during dinner time doesn't help the home-life.

We Don't Do 'Cheap' Work.

We like to build trusted relationships with our clients, and a lot of effort goes in to the quality of our projects - like good design, smart user-interface design, quality assurance, and project management. As well as solid, sturdy and secure coding that we can be proud of. We don't wish to just churn out development projects. We take the time to understand the project from the outset, to make good development decisions early on, and to build in a way that any developer (e.g. new developers we hire over time) would be happy to come along and understand the coding processes used in a project. Sure we could cut costs by cutting corners. But cutting corners more often than not means cutting quality, and we don't ever want to cut quality!

"Jimmyweb did a great job designing and building our website. They made it seem easy, guiding us through the process, from concept to completion. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build an online shop"

− Rui Zhou, Love Handbags

"We just want to thank you for all your work and persistance and for doing such an amazing job. You guys are absolutely brilliant to work with! Thank you so much."

− Michelle + Derek, On Snow

"The Jimmyweb guys are generous with their time and their ideas, they are clearly very passionate about what they do and I would definitely recommend them"

− Colette Guanta, Tessuti Fabrics