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Social Media Marketing is a powerful business tool and an effective way of advertising business product and services. It is something that every company can’t take their eyes off and also cannot ignore.

Social Media Marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies to increase revenue, engage the audience, increase traffic and more. Furthermore, it helps business predicts the audience likes, dislikes, figures out what they need, what they are saying about the company and many more to take into account. 

Most of the business is online and especially own social media accounts. WHY? Let us dig deep into the reason

Face book owns- 2.89Billion

Instagram- 1Billion

Twitter- 330Million

WhatsApp- 68Million

Quora- 300Million

TikTok- 800Million active users on the internet

We hope we answered the question.

Webasko, a social marketing company in Noida has experienced team to handle and manage your business accounts on different social media channels. In addition to that, for many companies in Noida, we are the "one-stop" solution for social media marketing,

Brand Improvement

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. - Branding pioneer Walter Landor.

Brand Improvement is one such factor that helps to increase Awareness, Credibility, Reputation and finally the most important Customer Satisfaction.


Networking forms a way to get in touch with different unique individuals on the internet. It helps business come across ideas worth considering for future benefits. Networking is a huge factor in building strong customer relationships.

Customer Attraction

For many businesses, the cost may be a major barrier to look after and this can slow the advertising and marketing needs. As a result customer attraction is must and we will do it for you like a cakewalk.

Tracking Competitors

We look after every success your business competitor is achieving. For us, your gratification is as important as water to fish. The social media marketing team uses effective tools to research competitors’ strategy and their master plan.

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